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Plastic Treasure Chest

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Assorted Treasure Chests

Perfect for hidden treasures, these miniature treasure chests are loads of fun. Use them for pretend play with pirate figures or party favors to hide small treats. Plastic. Assorted colors and shapes. Stock up on all your Pirate party needs with US Toy. We have a wide selection of party favors and…


Plastic Treasure Chest

Fill this treasure chest with loot. Great for pirate parties, classroom rewards buckets, or making a party game out of. Must have for kid's party supplies.


Pirate Jewels

Fill up your treasure chest with some pirate booty. These pirate jewels make great table decorations for Pirate parties and also party favors. Kids can pretend they have discovered treasure with these plastic stone jewels. Stock up on all your Pirate party needs at US Toy. Swashbuckling buccaneers…


Pink Treasure Chest Savings Banks

Lock away valuables with this ink treasure chest bank. Girls will love the color and the money they can save in these plastic banks. These banks come in two assorted colors of pink, perfect for breast cancer fundraiser events. Encourage donors to fill these banks up to search for the cure. Party…


Plastic Gold Coins

These plastic coins are perfect as treasure chest fillers, party bag favors, or as a prop for stage productions. The gold coins are also good to fill up the pot at the end of the rainbow for St Patrick's day events. 144 coins per unit. Plastic coins are the perfect party favor. Small in size and…


Presidential Plastic Coins

Plastic money is a hit at any party or event. The presidential plastic coins can be used in a treasure chest, favor bag, or pretend cash register. 144 coins per unit. Presidents include Harry Truman 1945-1953, Andrew Jackson 1829-1837, Franklin D. Roosevelt 1933-1945, Dwight D Eisenhower 1953-1961,…


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